The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil

The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative formed in 2004 as a response to the world’s growing demand for sustainably produced palm oil. The main objective of the RSPO is ‘promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil’.

The RSPO brings together representatives from the entire supply chain of palm oil, from the producers and the banks that finance them, to the retailers, consumers and NGO’s such as WWF.

Growing concern
Palm oil is today the most used vegetable oil in the world, contributing to more than 31% of the global production of vegetable oils but occupying less than 1% of the world’s total cultivated agricultural land. Oil palms are highly efficient producers of vegetable oil, requiring less land than any other oil-producing crop.

Setting sustainable standards
Consequently, the RSPO has set up the Principles & Criteria, more than 100 green measures for producing palm oil in a sustainable manner setting standards for good agricultural practices, responsible social and environmental management.

The RSPO principles aim to ensure:

  • that no primary forests or other high conservation value areas are cleared for new oil palm plantations.
  • that oil palm plantations minimize their environmental footprint. and
  • that the basic rights of local land owners, farm workers and indigenous people are fully respected.
Our commitment to the RSPO
Unitata and United Plantations have been active members of the RSPO since the early beginnings; our membership was approved on the 20th July 2004.

United Plantations’ entire oil palm plantations in Malaysia were successfully certified in accordance with the RSPO Principles & Criteria on the 26th of August 2008 making United Plantations the world’s first producer of certified sustainable palm oil.

View United Plantations’ progress report here.
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