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Unitata is a fully owned subsidiary of United Plantations. This hundred-year-old palm oil plantation has had sustainable practices on its agenda since the early beginnings.

One of United Plantations’ many environmental initiatives is the establishment of an Endangered Tree Species Reserve on its UIE plantation in Perak.

Senior Estate Manager, Geoffrey Cooper, a planter

and passionate tree specialist, has set up the Tree Species Reserve with the help from Malaysia’s ‘Tree guru’, James Kingham.
“Our objective is to establish a gene bank of seeds from the ‘mother trees’ planted, which can be harvested and grown on site for use in our other nature conservation areas in Malaysia” explains Geoffrey Cooper.

United Plantations has four jungle conservatories in Malaysia equaling 5,000 ha of land and representing approximately 10% of the company’s total planted area.

Watch CCN’s interesting documentary of the tree conservatory and get a different perspective on palm oil here.

A small part of the Endangered Tree Species Park at United Plantations’ UIE estate, where 8000 trees have now been planted.


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