Reducing energy usage, waste and emissions

At Unitata, we are very much aware of the footprint our refining facility leaves on the environment. Producing vegetable oils and fats is a complex and energy intensive process. We therefore set targets to reduce our consumption of energy and water and to reduce waste and emissions.

Some of the things we practice for environmental preservation include the following:

1. Treated effluent water is used for land application i.e. diverted to the furrows in the plantation instead of releasing into the river (approved by DOE).

2. Spent nickel catalyst is disposed for recycling by approved parties.

3. Spent lab chemicals and solvents are collected by Government approved Kualiti Alam for treatment and disposal.

4. Used paper and cartons, plastic (bags, PET bottles etc), scrap metal, spent lubricant oil – sold to approved vendors for recycling.

5. Steam generated by United Plantations in their biomass boiler via the waste from the milling process (shells, fibres and empty fruit bunches) is used in the refinery processes.

6. Biogas from United Plantations’ biogas plant is used in Unitata’s boilers reducing the dependency on medium fuel oil (fossil fuel).

7. Cartons for packed products are sourced from suppliers who are using paper fibers from FSC-certified mills.



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